You never know what you will come across in genealogy. Like a set of false teeth made out of hippo ivory.  Seen yesterday at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow! Check this link for a view

Less unusual, but becoming rarer: a card index. I was searching one yesterday: manually checking for terms likely to be useful to my search, sifting through lots of cards, moving from drawer to drawer. And noting that several cards were not in their correct alphabetic sequence. The librarian in me really wanted to put that right! Those ‘errors’ were very very obvious – McCall filed after Photo of card index cabinetsMcDonald and so on. It made me think about whether we too readily put our trust in computerised indexes where the errors may be less apparent but no less a barrier to finding the correct record: misspellings, wrong transcriptions, gaps.  Not that I’m advocating a return to card indexes, computers have tranformed searching, but they are only as good as the information compilers and inputters.

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