Can you name someone famous who is or was a Christmas baby? Isaac Newton, Humphrey Bogart and Annie Lennox are  three Christmas babies according to a recent newspaper article. Christmas baby photoFollowing the Gregorian calendar we currently use, Newton’s birthday would be 4 January 1743 though it was 25 December in the Julian calendar still used in England at the time of his birth. That change from Julian to Gregorian calendar took place much earlier in Scotland.

Is there a Christmas baby in your family? I’ve just been checking my family tree and find that, as I thought, there is no-one in my immediate family who was born on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or even Boxing Day.  I’m pretty sure that my second cousin, Carol, was born on Christmas Day baby but that’s about as near as it gets. There are three Boxing Day births: a great uncle, a 2nd cousin once removed and a first cousin twice removed. (Figuring out cousins removed and all that.)

So it is up to my niece to change things. Her baby is due in early January but you never know! My first great niece or nephew so rather exciting.

Happy Christmas.

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