Have you ever wondered what mysteries are tucked away in your family’s past?

Researching Scottish family history is like detective work. I can find out secrets that may have been buried in records stretching back many generations.

It can be a painstaking process delving through old documents but wouldn’t you like to find out who you are or what happened to your family members through the decades? Perhaps some research as a big birthday present? Or can I help you do your own research?

Many people do their own research but there are pitfalls like coming up against a brick wall and the search can become too expensive.

As a genealogist, my specialism is Scottish family history. I take great care in searching through the records and putting together the larger historical picture for a person’s family.


“Fatal termination of the late accident with firearms”

Thomas Slater died on 6 May 1868 in Kirkwall, Orkney, as the result of “a gunshot wound, tetanus 4 days”, according to his death registration. He was just 18 and a younger brother of one of my maternal great grandfathers, William H Slater. It is from newspapers that I learned more about the circumstances of  |  more…

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