Have you ever wondered what mysteries are tucked away in your family’s past?

Researching Scottish family history is like detective work. I can find out secrets that may have been buried in records stretching back many generations.

It can be a painstaking process delving through old documents but wouldn’t you like to find out who you are or what happened to your family members through the decades? Perhaps some research as a big birthday present? Or can I help you do your own research?

Many people do their own research but there are pitfalls like coming up against a brick wall and the search can become too expensive.

As a genealogist, my specialism is Scottish family history. I take great care in searching through the records and putting together the larger historical picture for a person’s family.


Who is a ‘black sheep’?

In each community there are people who are ‘different’, in varying ways. Some are well known and people keep a friendly eye on them; others are looked at askance, with mistrust even. The phrase ‘black sheep’ seems to apply to those whose behaviour deviates from their family or society’s norms and who thus become outcasts  |  more…

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