Feedback about Janealogy’s work:

I am so glad that I found Jane. I was planning a trip to Scotland and wanted to find my Scottish ancestors. Jane was amazing. Her prices were great and she was very thorough and fast. She included everything in a very detailed report. She found two sets of cousins that I never knew about. I tried doing the research on my own but was on able to find anything. Because of Jane, We are all getting connected this summer. I will definitely be using Jane for future research.  Christina Goodfellow, Florida, USA

Feedback about Janealogy's work

“Jane has researched both the paternal and maternal lines on my father’s side of the family and has done a really fantastic job!  It was great to learn about family members that I did not even know existed – really fascinating and it makes me want to know even more.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jane’s services to anyone interested in researching their family tree”  Liz W, Stirling

“Without your research, I would never have reached this stage and answered a lot of my questions.” Ian B, Perthshire

“My mother has always wondered about her roots, especially being brought up by her Gran and grandad. In recent years due to ill health, this had become more important to her. Contacting Jane was the best thing we could have done, she was able to assess with the info we had, what she may be able to discover about this history. The whole process was fast, efficient and we were kept informed of everything throughout the process. The expression on my mum’s face when she got to read about her family going back over 200 years was something to see, happy doesn’t cover it adequately. I can only thank Janealogy for the hard work put in to make my mum’s dream come true, she’s only sorry she waited this long to do it…….Go on you know you want to !!”  Jim, West Lothian, Scotland

“Your work on this was fabulous. And I much appreciate that you were able to complete it so quickly. I’m already working on plans to visit some of the interesting places you identified later this month…  Thanks again for opening new windows on my family’s story.”  John M, California, USA

“I can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done researching my family and helping me to know and understand where I come from. This interim report is incredible… It actually made me cry – mostly happy tears to get to know parts of the family I’ve never known, but also some sadness about the difficulties and tragedies they faced.” Mairi, Melbourne, Australia.

“Thank you so much for my report. I absolutely love it and am so thrilled! So much better than what I was expecting with the little amount of information I gave you. I think I’ll definitely be in touch for you to look a little more into my family for me.”  M. Brown, Edinburgh.

“Thank you Jane, for the excellent work you did researching my father’s family genealogy. Your reports were thorough and well-researched. It was exciting and surprising for me to read details about the last seven generations of Winmills, from coal and tin miners to candle makers. I would definitely recommend your research services to anyone wishing to discover more about their family of origin.” – M. Sargent, British Columbia, Canada

“I was very pleased with the work you did. Your research was all very thorough and I have been greatly informed by the report. You presented it all clearly and the time scale for the piece of work was fast and efficient. Considering I gave you so little to go on, it has amazed me what you managed to find out!” – E. Hodgson, Scotland