What are Janealogy’s Scottish family tree prices? I offer packages or work on an hourly rate


  • Juniper – up to ½ day research and report – £180 – ideal for a specific query.
  • Heather – up to 1 day research and report – £310 – great for investigating one line, including transcripts of births, marriages and deaths and relevant census entries, possibly back to around 1800 depending on year of birth of the starting person. One line means, for example, father, paternal grandfather, paternal grandfather’s father, paternal grandfather’s paternal grandfather and so on, with birth and death information for wives in each generation, as in the sample charts for Scots Pine Branch option above but there is full report rather than a chart in this Heather option.
  • Rowan – up to 2½ days research and report – £740 – great for investigating more than one line, possibly back to around 1800, for example

They all include:

  • a full research report (electronic only, pdf format) in English.
  • my travel costs and entry fees for ScotlandsPeople or other archives within 50 miles of my home.

Extras: copies of documents (digital or hardcopy) found in the course of the research, charged at the rate set by the archive plus my processing costs; printed report or report in other format or language, plus postage as relevant; presentation binder (if the research is to be a gift for example). All extras will be discussed fully before work goes ahead.

Work by the hour

The rate varies according to the type of work and covers my research (including any unsuccessful searches), report writing time, one electronic copy of your report. Additional costs include:

  • Travel – 2nd class rail fare (or 45p per mile if car is needed)
  • Archive entry (ScotlandsPeople Centre and hubs cost £15 per day, most others are free)
  • Copies of documents from archives charged at the rate set by the archive (digital, printed or photographed).
  • Printed copy of the report, report in another format or language.
  • Presentation binder – if the report is to be a gift for example

Why not ask me for a quote?

When and how do I pay?

As some of my costs are upfront, I normally ask for a deposit before work begins, or payment in full if the work is for half a day or less or for a new client. I accept payment by BACS transfer (preferred), cash, sterling cheque, or Stripe (you do not need your own account, you can pay by card).

If research hits a dead end, the relevant proportion of the fee will be returned or not billed as appropriate.