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Happy New Year for 2017. I hope it will be a healthy and fulfilling year for you with many new family history discoveries. I certainly have a few targets for 2017. They include:

  • Developing my knowledge of genealogical sources in other European countries. I’ve done some work on Italy this year and have found it fascinating. A good chance to use my language skills too. French and Welsh are my main languages and I have very basic German and Italian (reading and some writing).
  • More work on sources for merchant seamen – there are lots of them in my one-place study area. Among other things, these records sometimes provide a date of birth where no baptism record survives.
  • Going back further on one of my own maternal lines. This line owned a very small estate so land records should help and there may be a “pedigree” online, a very unusual occurrence for me as most of my ancestors were farmers, crofters and fishermen.
  • Tidying up some of my own very early research. The facts are correct but the recording is not up to my current standards!! Likely to be a slog but the review of the one line I’ve tidied so far has been very worthwhile.

Do you have any family history resolutions for the new year?

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