What will you be eating with your haggis on St Andrews Day? It’s clapshot for me. Clapshot is an Orkney dish which is delicious and easy to make. Here, exclusively, is my mother’s recipe:

Take 1lb tatties (potatoes) and ¾lb neep (swede), or 500g of tatties and 375g of neep if you are metric. Peel and Photo of potatoes and a swedechop fairly small, put on to boil together, in the same pot, in cold water. It’s a good idea to put on the neep first as it takes longer. In the meantime, FINELY chop half an onion. Drain the tatties and neep when soft, add the chopped onion, a good lump of butter, salt and pepper, and mash until smooth. Don’t use a blender, the texture is not good.  Enough for three good helpings. It freezes well too.

White turnips are not a substitute for swede. Swede has a purple skin and yellow/orange flesh. The flavour is better after a frost but a spell in the freezer may be a substitute.

Photo of clapshot and haggis

Clapshot and haggis

Other people will give you different recipes: some even add carrot (perish the thought!), others omit the onion. I’m sure my mother’s recipe is the best one. She probably got it from her mother, who got it from her mother…

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