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North Walls Public School Photos – 1

These are from my family’s own collection of school photos from the 1920s and 1930s. Names have been added as a joint effort on Facebook’s Orkney Past & Present group mainly. I’ve also tried to add the names of where the pupils lived. It would be great to fill in the gaps and make any corrections. The first photo is in front of the school opened in 1932 and the next two in front of the older 1867 school.

The whole school, in front of the ‘new’ 1932 school, c1935
Back l-r: Annie Shearer (Peatnear), Georgina Sutherland (North Ness Post Office), Ella Sutherland (West Moness), ?, Willie Corrigall (Stonequoy), ?, Willie Simpson (Upper Seatter), Tommy Thomson (Bluerocks), Chrissie Thomson (Bluerocks), Annie Wilson (Oreburn)
2nd row l-r: Jimmy Wilson (Oreburn), Tommy Chalmers (Millhouse) (or Charlie Smith?), ?, Patty Wilson? (Orequoy), ?, Jimmy Shearer (Peatnear), Jimmy or Reggie Chalmers (Millhousel), ?, ?, Freddie Ross (Wellbraes, Crockness), Walter Ross (Wellbraes, Crockness)
3rd row l-r:  Helen Matches or Bessie Sinclair? (teacher), Edward Fancey (Lyness Naval Base), Clair Sutherland (North Ness Post Office), ? , Margaret Shearer (Peatnear), Bella Wilson (Orequoy), Violet Wilson (Oreburn), Cathy Simpson (Upper Seatter), Nellie Ward (Thurvoe or Lyness Point/East Millbay), Dorothy Fancey (Lyness Naval Base), Mary Wilson (Orequoy), Mims Sinclair (Daystar), Freda Swanson (Little Scews), Hugh Simpson (Upper Seatter),  Maggie G Wilson (teacher)
Front row l-r: George Shearer (Peatnear), ?, ?, ?, Stanley Thomson (Towerhouse), Alfie Corrigall (Quoys), ? Chalmers (Millhouse), ?, ?
The whole school in front of the ‘old’ 1867 school, c 1930
Back Row l-r: Billy Chalmers (Millhouse), Walter Ross (Wellbraes, Crockness), Tommy Chalmers (Millhouse), Patty (Peter) Wilson (Orequoy), ?,Jimmy Wilson (Oreburn),?,?
2nd Row l-r: Bessie Sinclair (teacher later Mrs Willie Budge), Jimmy Manson (Ore), Jim Ross (Wellbraes, Crockness), Lizzie Hamilton (Greenburn & East Moness), Evelyn Thomson (Towerhouse), Nettie Hamilton (Greenburn & East Moness), Bella Shearer (Peatnear), Annie Corrigall )Stonequoy), Isaac Wilson (Oreburn), John Corrigall or Brass (The Ha’), Maggie G Wilson (from Bulwark, Crockness, teacher – later Mrs Bill Thomson)
3rd Row: James Chalmers (Millhouse), John Chalmers (Millhouse), ?, Ellen Newlands (camp, Crockness Road)?, ?,?, Annie Shearer (Peatnear), ?, Freddie Ross (Wellbraes), ?,?,Nellie Wards (in front of teacher, Thurvoe or Lyness Point/East Millbay)
4th Row: ? (boy in front of teacher), Georgina Sutherland (North Ness PO), Willie Simpson (Upper Seatter), Willie Corrigall (Stonequoy), ? Thomson, ?, Hugh Simpson (Upper Seatter), Annie Wilson (Oreburn), Cathy Simpson (Upper Seatter), Edward Fancey (Lyness Naval Base)
Front Row: Reggie Chalmers (Millhouse), ?, Stanley Thomson (Towerhouse), Chrissie Thomson (Bluerocks), Dorothy Fancey (Lyness Naval Base), Mary Wilson (Orequoy), Clair Sutherland (North Ness PO), Freda Swanson (little Scews), Mims Sinclair (Daystar), Margaret Shearer (Peatnear)
“The big end” c 1930 (same day as photo above probably)
Back l-r:- Billy Chalmers, Walter Ross, Tommy Chalmers, Patty (Peter) Wilson, ?, Jimmy Wilson, ?, ?
Middle row l-r: Jimmy Manson, Jim Ross, Lizzie Hamilton, Evelyn Thomson , Nettie Hamilton, Bella Shearer, Annie Corrigall, Isaac Wilson, John Corrigall/Brass.
Front row l-r: ?, ?, ?, Maggie G Wilson (teacher), Annie Shearer, ?, ?, ?.
The whole school, possibly in front of a building at Lyness, 1924
Back  l-r: ?, ?, ?
2nd row l-r: ?, ?, ?, ?,
3rd row l-r: ?, Victor Baikie (Boathouse), ?, ?, ?, James Baikie (Boathouse), ?, ?, ?, ?
4th row l-r: ? (half out of photo), ? Maria Baikie (Boathouse) with ? on knee), ? ? (teacher), ?, ?, Lizzie Corrigall (Quoys), ? (teacher), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.
Front l-r: ? , Isaac Wilson (Oreburn)?, Lizzie Hamilton (Greenburn), ?, ?, Nettie Hamilton (Greenburn), ?, ?, Jim Ross (Wellbraes)

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Other photos

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