The theme for this week’s  #52ancestors challenge is “Favourite photo”.  Photo of x2 great grandparents and 2 youngest daughters

This is one of my favourites. It shows my great great grandparents and their two youngest daughters. The date is 1875 at the very latest and the photo was taken in Orkney, Scotland.

Why is it a favourite?

Partly because it is the only photo I have of Nicol Slater my great great grandfather who died in December 1875. Partly because his wife Barbara bears such a striking resemblance to my late uncle, “Uncle Bill in a bonnet” as my sister said. The two girls also remind me of some of their descendants. And lastly, but by no means least, I’m fond of this photo because it came to me through a 4th cousin in Australia whom I “met” through an Ancestry hint.

I’ve written a little about this photograph in an earlier blog post so I won’t repeat it all here. Just folllow the link to find out more about these people.

Now that’s me caught up with the #52ancestors challenge for this week!

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